Video has gone viral. It is contagious. Widespread. With 74% of all online content tipped to be video form in 2017, bloggers are now capturing self-journeys to share with their audiences. Will you be affected?

Farewell product reviews from the edge of your bed, and the muscle-bulging selfies inside sweaty locker rooms. Millennials are diversifying their skill sets as producers, entertainers and storytellers.

Light Bulb: Reach a mass audience by integrating products and collaborating with several top influencers. Make it fun! Video a dinner party, and the round table conversations that make it hilarious!

Content that is compelling, positive and which meets our style guidelines is broadcast on the Network. All videos are made touch-to-shop. Digital storytelling on MotionJournal returns an average 13% sales conversion. It is redunkulous.

If you are stirring up a storm on YouTube and integrating a grand list of products, and we haven’t yet reached you, you can introduce yourself here.



Influencer Workshops

Our CEO Bethanie Ashton is as passionate about storytelling as she is about education – and set herself a crazy goal to host 30 Influencer Workshops in 2017 (30 being a common theme of 2017). It is polite not to ask!

Welcoming 100 socially influential guests to each session, our workshops are held in fashion meccas around the globe. A snapshot of the program:

  • Hear about the trials, hiccups and victories from some of the world’s best video-makers, with Q&A
  • Learn techniques of video-creation including key resources
  • Develop your storytelling concept from scratch
  • Collaborate with other influencers across several content genres
  • Integrate new products into your video diary
  • Video content. That’s right – we will film and edit your first video episode
  • Red carpet Awards Ceremony for the best video diary produced during the workshop
  • Prizes. Lots of them.

If you are transitioning into video, this workshop should not to be missed. Register your details to be considered for an invitation and our calendar of events.

Storytellers welcome


We select 100 of the world’s best storytellers to share their video journals each month. Strictly by invitation or nomination, MotionJournal will courier products each month to include in your video diary. Your videos are transformed into a series, watched and shopped by millions. You’ll receive media mentions and publicity, plus invitations to conduct interviews aboard super-yachts and luxury residences at fancy soirées with designers.

5 easy steps


  • Verify your social handle
  • Map out your 5 video episodes for the month and intermix products into your journey
  • Submit your video files by the 20th day of the month
  • Post your video teaser to your social networks (we will edit this for you!)
  • Your very own self-styled series will be broadcast and shopped by millions.


My Journal

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