Author Guidelines

Our early vision was to build a platform where content creators could share positive messages and reach all parts of the world. The Network instills guidelines to maintain the moralistic and artistic integrity of films and series that we select to broadcast.

  • Your video series encases a storyline: a journey that entices your audience whether personal, or fictional. You might be a publisher and keen to digitalise your articles where you interview designers. Or a blogger with red carpet access to music and industry events. Remember that behind-the-scenes, non scripted content is the most effective
  • Your video series portrays a positive reflection with artistic merit. We don't expect you to produce a Hollywood Blockbuster, though consider styles of cinematography or traditional techniques like shooting on film... make your mark, be the point of difference
  • You haven't started your video series yet, but you hail from the Entertainment industry, have a killer series concept and a bunch of super awesome production crew and friends to help you build your own series. The Network will support you with styling and monetise your team's content. See our Resource Library if you are looking for cost effective services, as our affiliates have gone through a selection process to ensure they can aid startups and independent content creators
  • Take 1 or 2 days a month to film with your crew. Prepare your shoot list and include the everyday activities and interactions that personify you or your business! Our stylist will ship out fashion and products for you to film with. Capture 10-20 minutes of footage and cut into 5-8 episodes. The first season of your series is ready to broadcast!
  • Your YouTube subscribers exceed 20,000
  • Your social platforms exceed 100,000 collectively
  • Your video series integrates fashion, venues and brands that fit with your story. Our featured Authors gain access to the Marketplace, and our stylists will help to dress and style your scenes. You'll earn affiliate commissions every fortnight for 3 months of broadcasting and provided with deep level metrics that explain where your consumers are coming from, what they are buying or not buying, and how you can continue to evolve your series based on your audience growth!
With touchable video, brands see what consumers want to buy.”
— FastCompany

Storytellers welcome


We select 100 of the world’s best storytellers to share their video journals each month. Strictly by invitation or nomination, MotionJournal will courier products each month to include in your video diary. Your videos are transformed into a series, watched and shopped by millions. You’ll receive media mentions and publicity, plus invitations to conduct interviews aboard super-yachts and luxury residences at fancy soirées with designers.

5 easy steps


  • Verify your social handle
  • Map out your 5 video episodes for the month and intermix products into your journey
  • Submit your video files by the 20th day of the month
  • Post your video teaser to your social networks (we will edit this for you!)
  • Your very own self-styled series will be broadcast and shopped by millions.


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